Quality and Environment Policy

Velum Andalucía Servicios, S.L. Its main objective is to resolve in the most adequate way the needs in terms of port services of our customers. After a long and successful experience in this type of issues, we can highlight as one of the main virtues of our ships the provision of fleet support services. In Velum we make our technical capacity available to public and private entities that need work of the following types: General supplies to ships, changes of anchors, support services to Port Authorities, services to consignees, transport and maritime supply of goods, supply to vessels both in mooring and in anchorage and transport of people.

Velum Andalucía Servicios, S.L. fully convinced to improve its services through greater involvement of all staff and achieve greater customer satisfaction, has decided to implement an Integrated System of Quality and Environment, based on the following objectives:

  • Establish and maintain an effective Integrated System based on the requirements of Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 200415.
  • Satisfaction of the needs of our client acting with speed and quality in the services provided
  • Ensure customer satisfaction based on always correct treatment, meeting those needs they require, as well as acting in accordance with legally established requirements, requirements related to environmental aspects and those that the organization subscribes.
  • Continuous improvement in the services provided, as well as our attitude towards the environmental impacts generated by our activity.
  • Environmental Protection. Preventing and minimizing pollution, generation of waste and consumption of resources, to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment that surrounds us and our neighbors adjoining.
  • Implement a work methodology based on prevention and not on correction.
  • Increase the performance and overall efficiency of the company, taking into account the needs of customers and the evolution of them. To do this, the company’s strategy and compliance with the objectives will be periodically reviewed in order to obtain a continuous improvement in the company, as well as committing ourselves to improve our attitude towards the environmental impacts generated by our activity.
  • To provide our collaborators and workers with the necessary resources, both human and material, for the perfect development of our tasks, making them part of our policy.
  • Define, review and systematically and periodically update compliance with the established Policy, as well as the objectives.

This is the responsibility of the Management and the entire company, the correct compliance with these guidelines and their implementation.

The management of Velum Andalucía Servicios, S.L. Through the constant monitoring of objectives we ensure your support in the policy, being revised to adapt to the improvement in our service.

In La Línea de la Concepción, on January 28, 2019
Signed: Management

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