Our main activity is based on the maritime goods, spares, stores and fresh water transport and goods supply, ships supply either in mooring or at anchorage, providing service to shipping agencies, providing support services to Port Authorities, use of suction pums to maintain canals and ports depth, services to construccion companies and underwater works, floating platforms towing and various works to oficial and private agencies.

We are experienced in general supplies to vessels, anchor changes, providing support on afloat repairs and underwater works. Furthermore, we have developed hydrography works (with mono and multibeam probes, vibrocore), multiple works supporting hidraulic works in the Port of Algeciras, buoyings (placing, maintenance and lifting of luminous and non luminous buoys, dredgings with suction pumps, etc..

Shipping Agency Services

General supplies to vessels.
Maritime transport and goods supplies.
Crews changes.
Anchor replacement.
Garbage collection (Marpol residues).
Ships supply either in mooring or at anchorage.
Floating platform towing.
OPL operations – Off Port Limits
Supply services to Port Authorities.

Port services

After a dilated and succesful experience in this kind of activities, we can highlight as one of the main virtues of our vessels the fleets support services. Our aim consis on solving adequately the necesities in terms of port services to our customers. In Velum we make our technical capacity available to the public and private entities which need the following types of works:
General supplies to vessels.
Anchor replacement.
Port Authorities support services.
Agent services
Maritime transport and goods supply.
Vessel suplly berth, anchorage and OPL.
Floating platform towing.

Maritime Buoyage

Buoying navigation and recreational areas is more and more necessary. It must be noted increased number of all kinds of small boats, for practicing water sports. This does nothing but increase the danger at which the bathers are exposed. On the other hand, the buoying of the navigation areas is vital to avoid possible strandings, boardings, etc, of the boats.

For these reasons Velum makes available to our customers a service oriented to the design and installation of a buoying system using the national and European materials and ordinances.
Coastal marking buoys.
Buoying nautical channels.
Aid buoying to people with reduced mobility.
Anchor buoy fields.

Hydraulic Works

Velum offers a service oriented to the repair and construction of all kind of hidraulic submerged works.
Repair and construction of outfalls.
Dock reinforcement.
Submerged work repair.
Installation, repair and maintenance of pontoons.
Underwater concrete.
Underwater works.
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