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We are a company committed with the satisfaction of the necessities of our customers, our services are the result of a combination of experience, training, adequate resources and professionalism.
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We are a team of professionals specialized in general maritime works, hydraulic works, aquaculture and beaconing of ports and channels.

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We mainly give shipping agency services, transport and supply ships either in mooring or at anchorage, supply services to Port Authorities, services to underwater construction and installation companies, floating platforms towing and miscellaneous works.
Velum Andalucía Servicios S.L. is registered by Junta de Andalucía in the Registry of Companies Certificated as contractors or subcontractors of the construction activity (R.E.A.) and meets SOLAS international standards of security in the sea and ISO 9001:2015 and 14.001:2015 Certificated by Bureau Veritas.
Our staff is highly qualified for the performance of the services we offer. Everyone in our team is in possession of the titles de Merchant Marine required for handling and govern of the boats and the specialities: sanitary, radios, etc…

In terms of resources we own a fleet of ships fully equipped and adapted with totally diaphanous decks, thus allowing its maximum use and providing them a great workspace. The catamaran typology type of our ships is ideal for all kind of works with crane, since it ensures a great stability to work with suspended loads.

Velum collaborates with numerous companies, which provide us a greater versatility for the benefit of all our customers.

Velum studies previously the risk factors present in every work and development, priority security and providing each worker with courses of safety at work, according to the law.

Our customers include companies as well as public agencies or port operations.

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